The Trouble with Private Cloud .. Why is adoption so slow?

Articolo da MI - Modern Infrastructure (Luglio 2013)

Alternately, developers working on a new application type will help bring a private cloud online, said Carlo Daffara, an engineer with CloudWeavers. “Most organizations do not want to build a private cloud per se; they want to build a platform for a specific application,” he said. In particular, Daffara said that many shops build a private cloud when they are looking to launch a major new application development project based on, say, NoSQL or scalable Web services. In the future, that’s probably what will push private cloud from the shadows and into the mainstream, said Illuminata’s Eunice: the increasing popularity of scale-out, grid-style applications such as big data analytics. “Not all apps are created equal, and a lot of the apps that run so well on service provider  clouds and grids are not necessarily the same [enterprise] apps that run on traditional scale-up infrastructure” (i.e., your average relational database or ERP system), Eunice said. That new class of apps—video capture, big data analytics, select HPC workloads—“a lot of them used to be ‘don’t care’ applications,” he said. “Now, they’re running Facebook or Google or Bank of America’s  customer service portal, and a good portion of them run very well on a cloudy infrastructure.”

Lunedì, Luglio 1, 2013