OpenNebula for Virtual Desktops - Carlo Daffara (Settembre 2013)

In our experience as providers of private clouds based on OpenNebula, the single most common request among small and medium enterprises is the deployment of virtual desktops, both in terms of converting existing desktops and moving them to OpenNebula or for the creation of custom environments like computer classrooms for schools. This is, in hindsight, not difficult to explain: a cloud infrastructure brings a set of management advantages that are clearly perceived by end users that are frequently facing IT problems like blue screens, viruses and stability problems. Being able to move from one place to the other while maintaining the desktop VM active, rebooting into a previous snapshot before a virus infection or in general cloning a “good” master VM are substantial advantages especially for smaller companies or public administrations.

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Venerdì, Settembre 20, 2013